Cover Reveal: Two Weeks Notice by Whitney G.

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Cover Reveal: Two Weeks Notice by Whitney G.Two Weeks Notice by Whitney G.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to formally announce my resignation from Parker International (& the arrogant, condescending CEO) effective two weeks from today.

This was a VERY EASY decision to make, as the past two years have been utterly miserable. I wish his next executive assistant all the luck in the world (she'll need it) and if my boss should need me to do anything over the next two weeks, kindly tell him that he can do it [his] goddamn self...

Sincerely (Not Really),
Tara Lauren


That’s the version of my two weeks’ notice I should’ve sent to my boss, because the more professional version--the one where I said I was "grateful for all the opportunities," and "honored by all the rewarding experiences" over the years?

That letter was rejected with his sexy, trademark smirk and an “I highly suggest you read the fine print of your contract...”

So, I did.

And now I've realized that unless I fake my death, poison him, or find a way to renegotiate my impossible contract, I’m stuck working under one of the cockiest and most ruthless bosses in New York.

Then again, I thought that was the case until he called me late last night with an emergency proposition...

**This is a standalone contemporary romance.**


“I just want you to know that what happened with me in the conference room can’t happen again.”

“Excuse me?” He raised his eyebrow.

“You know what I’m talking about,” I said, lowering my voice. “That can’t happen again, and I won’t let it.”

“Are you referring to ll the mistakes you made during your mock presentation, or the fact that you were screaming “Don’t stop” while I was devouring your pussy?” He looked me up and down. “I need you to be a little more specific about what ‘that’ is…”

About the author

About Whitney G.

Whitney G. is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author. Her books have been published in twelve languages.

Whenever she's not penning a new novel, you can find her blogging about self-publishing at The Indie Tea, drinking hot coffee, or traveling the world in sweater boots.

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