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Review: Blai2e by Anita GrayBlai2E by Anita Gray
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Published on February 17, 2018

Series: Blaire Part 2

Don’t take what isn’t yours.
Unless you’re willing to fight for it.

I survived my depraved master, Maksim. Now, I belong to Charlie Decena, by nature and by nurture. He broke everything I believed in.

My life still lingers in the gray zone — dark and light,
love and hate, betrayal and murder. I’m battling Maksim’s brutal conditioning to uncover who Blaire is, for Charlie. I adhere his counsel, indulge in his debauched desires, and pacify his dominance — until he pushes me too far.

I hope I didn’t completely shatter your heart in the beginning of my story because it’s just getting started. I’m being tested beyond my limit by a lurking threat who has taken something very dear to me. And if they don’t return what isn’t theirs, someone is going to die.

Christina’s review

Bravo Anita! This was so much more then what I expected. She brought these characters to life with their struggles. I want to say so much, but I know I will spoil it. There were so many emotions running through me as I read. Dread, heartbroken, hatred, and my heart just shattered for this couple, but at the same time, you can see the love that they shared. This story was so intense that there were times I had to put it down to regroup or dry off the tears.  Well written and you just want to read more to see what happens next. This went beyond my expectations and absolutely loved it.

About the author

About Anita Gray

Anita welcomes you all to a world of dark romance that can only be found in books. She lives deep in The Garden of England with her family and pets, and pampers in the simple things in life: music, novels, and long walks under the rain so her mind can run wild. Obsessed from the moment she picked up her first shady read, she’s been writing ever since, pouring out her desires, and yours, onto paper to bring into reality a warped story of lust, action, and the one thing we all want most — the hero who lures such hunger you can think of nothing else. A series is coming out of her, Blaire, something you’re going to need a strong stomach and a strong heart for, because take her word for it, it’s no fairy tale

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