Cover Reveal: Cut & Blow #3 by Ashleigh Giannoccaro

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Cover Reveal: Cut & Blow #3 by Ashleigh GiannoccaroCut & Blow #3 by Ashleigh Giannoccaro
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Published on February 21,2018
Series: Cut & Blow #3

Viviana is playing a dangerous game, one that will destroy her mob family’s reputation. After hours she indulges in a fetish that not only has Romi stalking her online, but one that has them messaging each other in private. She’s toying with his heart, tempting his body, and has exposed all of herself to him. How did it get to this? If Rain finds out, she’s dead and so is he.

Romeo is done pretending to be someone he’s not. The cover he’s used when working in the salon no longer feels authentic or right. He drops the facade, proving over and over that he is definitely into the fairer sex. Now that he’s unleashed his true self he can’t restrain the aggression, possessiveness, and anger that’s eating him up inside. He’s in love with a woman he can’t have, a woman who’s banging someone else, a woman he’s obsessed with.

He didn’t choose the mob life and this may be his ruin. If Rain ever finds out what they’ve done they won’t live another day. Addictions need to be fed, and flirting with danger is just a perk of having his heart ripped out by the boss’s sister.

Some things are worth dying for; Viviana is his death sentence.

About the author

About Ashleigh Giannoccaro

Bestselling Author Ashleigh Giannoccaro writes edgy dark romance and erotic horror, self published by choice she writes the stories others don’t dare. Currently rising in Johannesburg South Africa with her husband and two daughters Ashleigh enjoys writing stories that make you fall in love with the unlovable and leave you asking questions. When not writing she can be found with her kindle in a sunny spot reading or traveling with her family.

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