Cover Reveal: Only the Guilty Sleep by Ashley Lynn Dotson

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Cover Reveal: Only the Guilty Sleep by Ashley Lynn DotsonOnly The Guilty Sleep

How are you supposed to follow rules you didn't know existed?

Finola Sparks is a hunted woman. Everyone is Black Bayou, Texas wants something from her, and she is only beginning to uncover the power she wields. Everything she knew to be true has been turned upside down. The longer she stays in Black Bayou, the more she wades through her family and the town's lies. The truth is like the pretty lily pads along the water -they merely hide a deeper more sinister evil that wants Fin's death as much as her life.

How can you save one person when it damns another?

There's a curse to fight, and Finola has a destiny that she is ready to embrace. The only problem is her Lady Alaine isn't cooperating. Josiah's powers are growing stronger as her grandmothers weaken. At any moment now the Seelie power lying in Black Bayou could rise and overtake them all. Will she be able to outwit them and the curse? And if she does, will she be able to live with the consequences?

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Cover Reveal: Only the Guilty Sleep by Ashley Lynn DotsonBlack Bayou Road Amazon US
Published on October 26, 2016

Finola Sparks finds herself stuck in Texas, living with her ancient grandmother who has never wanted anything to do with her. She doesn't trust easily so when two gorgeous local boys stumble over one another to impress her she doesn't know what to think.
Finola is desperately alone for the first time ever, and she wants so badly to reach out. Its been too long since she felt at ease even in her own skin. But the whispers and warnings of her superstitious grandmother and haunted stares from the people in town have her tied up in knots. There's a secret everyone is hiding, and Fin is at the heart of it all.
Magic is all around Black Bayou, and Fin is only begun to understand the magic within her. The rules of Black Bayou have been simple for far too long, so what happens when she breaks them?

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About the Author

In the magical, mystical world I inhabit, I am queen, and all subjects clean their rooms, do their homework, and brush their teeth….Sadly that is not the case!

I am a mother, teacher, life-long learner, and lover of books. I am currently influenced Young Adult fiction and my son Callum, another writer I admire, who is constantly challenging my imagination and patience. In addition to this I spend my days with my husband, the football coach, my three other children, two dogs, nine chickens, and the elusive cat, Clementine.


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