About Jennifer


A very special friend of The Garcia Sisters was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in November 2016.
She has been fighting her ass off and is such a huge inspiration to all of her friends.
Her strength, heart, and love for everything makes her such a joyful presence to be around.
This beautiful young woman is such an inspiration to us.
Not because she is fighting breast cancer, but because she is fighting it with love.
Everyday she wakes up and smiles.
Even if she's tired, even if she's hurting, even if she's scared.
She smiles. I have never seen anyone fight through something so hard and still wake up everyday with such grace and love.
She inspires me so much.
So we decided we wanted to help Jennifer and her husband out.
All proceeds will go directly to Jennifer Bishop and her husband to help them through this fight!

Teespring | GoFundMe

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