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Title: Lost in Rewind
Series: Audio Fools Series

Author: Tali Alexander
Release Date: September 1, 2016


lost in rewind

Inside every story lies more than one truth.

“Come, boy, I will give you a reading…show me your hands.”

Jeffery Rossi wants to be a man of logic but finds himself basing his life’s decisions on a prophecy delivered at the hands of an old gypsy fortune teller. The death of his beloved wife coupled with the loss of what he thought would be his carefully crafted future, have spun him onto a path of self-destruction.

“Three children will come from you—a king and two queens.”

Jeff believed he knew how his future would unravel, but he’s about to get a lesson in how the Universe works. Fate should not be left to the interpretation of mere mortals. Interfere and suffer, surrender… and let the fates help you find your destiny.

“No matter what you do, no matter how far away you run, what’s written in the stars cannot be undone.”

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Alyssa’s Review

I feel like I waited forever for this book. Ever since finishing Lies in Rewind a year ago I waited and waited for Lost to be finished. I may have stalked a little too hard, but man…. It was worth it.
Going into Lost in Rewind I was exactly sure what I wanted to happen. Knowing Sara had found her true love in Lies in Rewind I didn’t think I’d want her and Jeffery together, but they had so much history together. Towards the middle of the book I ached so much for Jeffery. My heart physically felt his heartbreak. I wanted him to have everything he ever dreamed of in that instant. I feel like he got way more than he bargained for though; gaining new–albeit unlikely–friendships and the love of his life.
This story, I never wanted it to end, but Jeffery found his happily ever after. And boy was it a journey getting there.

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About Tali

tali alexander bioTali Alexander is a Jill-of-all-trades—married mother of three, doctor of pharmacy by day and romance novelist by night. Tali has fulfilled her passion of writing with her debut romance novel LOVE IN REWIND (first book in the Audio Fools trilogy). Since its debut, fans have embraced the unconventional love story of Emily and Louis Bruel making LOVE IN REWIND #1 on Amazon Kindle charts (September 2014). With an increasing demand from her fan base for the next installment, Tali has recently released the next story in the Audio Fools trilogy…LIES IN REWIND, out now!!!

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