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I am so thrilled to have RD Berg as the Garcia Sisters first interviewee! I met Randy at the very first Bookworm Box packing party I attended. Her and I were responsible for checking the books to make sure they were signed then putting the correct books in the boxes. Her and I seemed to click immediately. I had no clue she was about to be a published author, but as soon as I found out I signed up for the cover reveal and ARC. We’ve since been to two more packing parties together and have a blast every single time.


You can find my review to RD Berg’s debut novel, 5 Stages of Riley Winters, here.

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Alyssa: When did you decide to write 5 Stages of Riley Winters?

RD Berg: March of this year when I was on my way to the Austin Book Fest.

Alyssa: How long did it take you?

RD Berg: Five months

Alyssa: How much research did you do for 5 Stages of Riley Winters?

RD Berg: I had to research the correct terminology for Riley’s therapy sessions. I have a friend who is a licensed psychologist, so we kind of did a role play session.

Alyssa: Are there any similarities between 5SofRW and personal life?

RD Berg: Yes, I was six months post-divorce when I decided to write 5SofRW. So a lot of the emotions displayed during the therapy sessions were accurate to how I was feeling. Also, I know some people don’t understand the reasoning behind Riley’s decision making, but in a real life situations it actually happens that way.

Alyssa: Without spoiling anything, what is your favorite scene in 5SoRW?

RD Berg: When they are on a lunch date and Lipstick Lucy is being a B*%$*. I loved this scene because it was the first time we got a glimpse of how Liam see’s Riley through his eyes. We also learn that Liam isn’t as privy to the situation as Riley suspects.

Alyssa: Do any of the characters in 5SoRW have any significance in your life?

RD Berg: Little River is the exact replica of my three-year-old son, Mason. Most of his scenes were inspired by Mason’s real life events. He too had a speech delay that required in home therapy. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a Liam Bowers as a therapist. Also, Annie – the sassiness and family protector is my middle sister. Annie’s quick wit and sex drive was inspired by my real life BFF.

Alyssa: Do you have any alternate endings for 5SoRW?

RD Berg: No, it ended just the way I wanted it to.

Alyssa: Would you like 5SoRW to be a movie one day, if so, who do you see playing the characters?

RD Berg: Oh that would be fun! Let’s see we would have to add tattoos and die his hair, but sexy ass Scott Eastwood could play Liam. Riley now that’s a tough one, but if Scott Eastwood was the lead, then I would want to play Riley – ha, ha.

Alyssa: Do you listen to music when you write?

RD Berg: Yes, music played huge roll in the book, and I listened to it every time I sat down to write. The group Blue October was my saving grace on days when I didn’t think I could overcome being divorced. The scene were Liam and Riley are discussing why Blue is so important to them, is actually my own testament.

Alyssa: What is your day job?

RD Berg: I am a Key Accounts Specialist for a local municipality.

Alyssa: Do you have a book boyfriend?

RD Berg: Jesse Ward, will always be my number one book boyfriend – so back off!

Alyssa: Do you fan girl when meeting other authors?

RD Berg: I was usually calm, cool and collected when I met authors, UNTIL… I met Aurora Rose Reynolds at Sassy in Savannah this October. I love her books and her down to earth personality. I freaking froze in place and my friend Leighton Riley had to push me forward. I can’t even remember what I said to her I was so stunned!

Alyssa: Do you feel any different now that you’ve published a book?

RD Berg: I really don’t think it has fully set in. I guess you could say I feel accomplished, but now I am itching to get another out. I love story telling.

Alyssa: Do you have a second book in the works?

RD Berg: Yes, I am working on a semi-dark, angst filled story about a boxer – Memphis “The Truth” St. John and a journalist – Rebecca Reed. I haven’t come up with a title yet. I am still in the beginning stages. I am loving how it’s turning out so far!

Alyssa: What is your all-time favorite book?

RD Berg: Harry Potter

Alyssa: As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

RD Berg: I wanted to be a teacher, but then I discovered that other people’s children make me extremely nervous. So never ask me to babysit – lol.

Alyssa: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

RD Berg: Hopefully chilling on a beach, with my laptop and kindle! I would love to have a slew of published book underneath my belt, with at least one of them reaching the NY Times best selling list.

About 5 Stages of Riley Winters
He left me shattered and mentally scarred. Our divorce should have healed those emotional wounds. It didn’t.
Nine months have passed, and I am still trying to piece together my life that was torn to shreds. I am a shell of the person I once was.
Shrouds me in a cloak of darkness, isolates me from family and friends, and barely leaves me treading water. The only thing keeping me afloat is my rambunctious three-year old son, River.
Brings Liam Bowers into my life. He offers me everything my ex did not – love, adoration, romance and peace.
Slithers it’s way back into my life, threatening to kidnap the only glimpse of happiness I have found.
My past and future are colliding, and I am afraid the only fatality will be…me.



About R.D. Berg
RD Berg lives in the great state of Texas with her three boys who drive her to the brink of insanity most days. She loves to read, write and watch her two favorite shows, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. When she isn’t enthralled with a novel or a gory show, you can find her in the stands loudly cheering on her boys at their basketball and football games. She has three strong beliefs in life; Vanilla cake and Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream should be a major food group, Halloween should be celebrated every month, and Harry Potter’s birthday should be a national holiday.


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