by: Sierra Simone



Tragedy, Sin, Blackmail, Love, Forgiveness……

Father Tyler Bell has always been good at following the rules.  Until she came.  She was tempting him with her body, with her eyes, with her perfect red lips.  She called to him on a primal level and made him question everything he thought he knew.

A confession started it all.

Priests were not allowed to wed, let alone be intimate with a woman.  Normally this wasn’t an issue but with Poppy Danforth he couldn’t hold his composure.  Father Bell knew that he had to have her.  His mind, body, and soul needed to consume her or he would go insane.

His first taste of her is intoxicating, his first touch her is not enough.  He wants more, but how?

He finds solace in prayer, but his tragic past stands in the way of him being truly at peace.  With a heavy conscience Tyler decides his future.  But will it be the right future?

Can he leave the church, and his life as a Priest?  Or does he leave the only woman he has ever truly loved?


Hot. Taboo. Sexy. Priest. Yum.

Need I say more? The Priest has probably been one of the hottest erotica books I’ve read in a while. Sierra Simone knows how to write a good sex scene, that is for sure! There was a lot of buzz going on about this book. I was lucky enough to win an ARC and boy am I thankful I was one of the first people that got to read this book, so I can share it with everyone else that will soon get it on their ereaders!

The only complaint I have about the book is the female lead, Poppy. I didn’t feel connected to her quite like I wanted to. I wanted to know a little more of her backstory and get inside her head a tad, but overall I love her. She’s strong willed, but also loves giving up control in the bedroom.

Tyler, oh my God, Tyler! Fucking hot! I want a priest of my own now. I loved that we got inside his head. I could feel his inner turmoil. I wanted to go and hug him and tell him everything would be ok. I love that he his dominate and has a past.

Overall Sierra wrote a fantastic book and I look forward to reading more from her in the future!


Tyler Bell! A forbidden fruit that you are not supposed to want but how can anyone fight such a temptation!? I am in love with this story! And I am in awe of Sierra Simone, and how she put us in the mind of a Priest while he battled his demons and desires! I was drawn in to the story from the beginning and that is always a good sign. I had quite a good time reading the sex scenes and I challenge anyone not to get flustered while reading it. I do wish I had gotten to know Poppy more though. That was my only dislike about the entire book. I really would have liked more of a back story on her. That being said I loved it! And await more from Sierra!


Poppy Tyler


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