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Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian

by: EL James


So, there was this tiny book you may have heard of it, you may not have, but it’s gotten a lot of people talking in the book world. It’s called Fifty Shades of Grey, well the Queen herself decided to write the first book in Christian’s point of view then surprise everyone two weeks before the release date.

EL James decided to do a signing for charity at The Bookworm Box that is owned by Colleen Hoover. All of the profits made off of the event went to EL James’s charity of choice, which so happened to be No Kid Hungry. Very fitting for Mr. Grey.

Anyway, I, Alyssa was lucky enough to get to go to that signing in Sulphur Springs, Texas and I was able to get an extra copy to giveaway to our dedicated fans, but first… my review.


Alyssa’s Review

When Erika announced that Fifty Shades of Grey would be releasing in Christian’s point of view I was ecstatic! I knew it was going to be a re-hash of the book, I expected that, so I am not going to bash Erika for that like most others are, but I will say her writing has improved tremendously! Being someone who aspires to be an author I love this. Seeing an author grow is one of my favorite things in the world. It reminds me that we all start somewhere in life and with practice and determination we will get better.

As for the book itself, it made me realize Christian was an ass. A complete and total ASS, yes I said it. He has a very messed up past, but he was using women to escape that and that, my friend, is very very wrong. BUT before you start cursing me out, I loved watching the change in him. I LOVE the fact that Ana stood up for herself because she knew she was better than that. It took Ana leaving him for him to realize that he could have an actual relationship with her and still be a little kinky in the bedroom.

I hope Erika will continue writing the series in Christian’s point of view. I’d love to get inside his mind throughout Darker and Freed, but I’d be okay without having a re-hash of the entire book.


Stacy’s Review

Coming Soon


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55 responses to “Signed Copy of Grey Giveaway

  1. Hi! Okay, first, I totally agree with your review!! Christian WAS a douche! Very cocky, and it was sort of a game to him at first! But, as the time with Ana progresses, he was changing and didn’t even realize it! I loved it! Anyway, spot on review and thank you for the giveaway! You guys rock!

    • gsbookblog

      Yes he was! Ana freaking saw him through rose colored glasses for most of FSoG. I love that she stood up for herself though!

    • gsbookblog

      It’s really good, but be prepared. I goes through the entire book the exact same way as FSoG except for the last 10%, but that last 10% is ahhhhhhhmazing!

    • gsbookblog

      He was my first, but not my #1 anymore :(. That spot has been Colton Donovan’s from Driven by K. Bromberg for a year now 🙂

  2. I loved seeing inside Christian’s mind. Although there was not a lot of new information, it was interesting to see what he was thinking and preparing for! I especially loved the ending and am looking forward to Darker. Thanks for a chance for a book!

  3. I’ve read FSOG a whopping 35 times!
    Then read every fanfic , ever written. Have 2 and a half sets of books, posters, swag, .I’d love to add this to my collection

  4. EEPS!!! ♥ My inner goddess is so freaking excited for this amazing opportunity and is doing cartwheels! Lol! Thanks so much for a chance! I would trade my first born for a signed copy of Grey! Christian is my first and favorite book boyfriend! Thanks so much for a chance! 🙂

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