Beneath These Chains

Beneath These Chains

By: Meghan March




Lord’s day was turning out to be anything but good.  First one of his employees from Chains pawn shop was caught stealing and he had to be the bad guy and fire her.  Well since he was the boss, he really had no choice.  The only thing he could hope is that Bree would accept her fate and walk away quietly.  Not likely, but hey there’s always hope. Right?

When Bree was on her destructive exit from the store, in walks rich, high class, Elle.  His brothers girlfriends best friend.  Yeah that’s a mouthful.  She was off limits.  But damn that didn’t stop his cock from twitching at the sight of her.  She was on the wrong side of town for someone so classy that was for sure.  And Lord couldn’t wait to find out exactly why she was in his shop.

“I want a job, and you’re going to give me one.  That’s it.  End of story.”~Elle

This woman was for real.  She wouldn’t take no, or get out for an answer.  But whatever, he knew come Tuesday morning she would be a no show and then he could go about his business.  Or so he thought.  Walking through the front doors of Chains he was hit by the first of many changes in the small shop.  Adele was blaring through the speakers, and a fine as hell woman was bent over cleaning the display cases.

“You do realize that you can’t just decide you work somewhere and show up, right?~Lord

“You do realize that’s how I got my last three jobs?  I don’t exactly go through the whole interview and offer process.”~Elle

One thing was for sure.  She wasn’t going anywhere, and that was going to mean trouble.  Especially if he couldn’t get his attraction for her under control.

Elle was not leaving Chains pawn shop without what she came for.  And she didn’t care how long it took her to find it.  But working this closely with Lord was proving to be harder than she thought.  He was gorgeous.  All muscles and tattoos and muscles oh and muscles.

“His abs? Holy Motherfucking hell. Eight pack, ladies. Eight pack. And that V that disappeared into his worn jeans? I wanted to drop to my knees and trace it with my tongue.”~Elle

Fighting the feelings she has for Lord is becoming harder and harder everyday. She wants a hookup. Not a relationship. But as she gets closer to Lord, she is finding resisting him even more difficult. He wants all of her and isn’t willing to settle for less. And her resistance was fading.

“Lord oh Lord.”~Elle

“I need this. Need you. You’re the only fucking thing that makes sense right now.”~Lord

When trouble lands on Lord’s doorstep, will Elle be able to take the heat? Or will she run?  Will they be strong enough to break free from Beneath These Chains.

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Stacy’s Review

Holy Hotness BATMAN!  Wow.  Just wow.  Lord is scorching hot and I love a big bad Alpha male.  He is demanding, firm, loving, sexy,  and soooooooo hawt!!!  It didn’t take long to realize I was in love with Lord!  He is so amazing.  The best book boyfriend EVER.  I absolutely loved this story.  The twists, and turns were well worded and had me turning the pages as fast as I could.  I dreaded every time my phone rang or there was a knock at my door because I didn’t want to put it down. There are not enough positive words in the english language for me to say about Beneath These Chains.  I am blown away by Meghan and I am happy to say I have met her in person.  If you lover her books then you would love her as well.  She is a kickass classy lady and I f’n love her….  Just amazing.  Thank you Meghan for giving the women of the world a gorgeous man like Lord to worship.  I HIGHLY recommend this book to EVERYONE!  Especially if you like Tattoos and Muscles!!  SWOONNNNNN!!!

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