Trusting Liam

Trusting Liam

By: Molly McAdams




 What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Right?

 Liam Taylor has never met another woman like the one he met in Las Vegas a year ago.  Moon, he called her because of a crescent shaped tattoo she had was all he thought about for months after Vegas.  But she snuck out of his room early the next morning before he could get her name or phone number.  All he knew was that she was incredible.

Fast forward a year later and Liam is asked by his boss and Mentor to help get his twin nieces out of their condo, to meet some new friends and to possibly help them find a job.

“Are you serious? I’m not a baby sitter, Eli; we work in advertising. Besides that, I’m twenty-four, what do you expect me to do with these girls that will make it seem okay for me to even act like their friend?”~Chase

Not willing to disappoint his Mentor and Boss, Liam sets up and interview at his dads gym for both of the girls.  When he is walking into his office for work and hears an unmistakeable voice from his past.

“This isn’t fucking happening.”~Chase

 Kennedy Ryan doesn’t believe in love.  She doesn’t want love, and she doesn’t do “boyfriends”.  But when she hears a voice from her past, and a name she hasn’t heard in over a year, she can’t stop the feelings that follow.

“Are you Moon?”~Chase

Coming face to face with those Arctic blue eyes she hasn’t seen since a drunken night in Vegas has her literally dropping everything.  The feelings he evokes from her are unwelcome and unwanted.  Kennedy in an attempt to push Liam away explains to him that she doesn’t believe in love and that he is waisting his time.  But she soon finds out that Liam Taylor is very persistent when it comes to something he wants!  Kennedy slowly starts letting her guard down around Liam and even opens her heart a little.

“How many times did I have to tell you that you were mine before you finally started being okay with it?”~Chase

A knock and a secret revealed threatens to shatter everything.

Can a secret come between them?

Can they get passed all of Kennedy’s insecurities?

Can Kennedy open her heart and learn to Trust Liam?

Alyssa’s Review:

Coming Soon!

*Still reading*

Stacy’s Review

I am a huge Molly fan!  Have been since I read Taking Chances.  Ever since then I have one-clicked every book she has ever written and I have fallen in love with them all!  But when I heard that there was going to be another Taking Chances book I freaked!  Chase, Harper, and Brandon really started my obsession with love triangles.  I was hooked from the first chapter.  And then to read about Harper’s son Liam….. Oh the feels!!!  I loved this story.  It helped piece back together my broken heart caused by Taking Chances and for that Molly I thank you.  I fell in love with Chase and I fell in love with Liam.  I can honestly say I cannot wait to see whats next.  I will keep my one-click trigger finger ready for whatever you do!  Thanks for making me whole again!!!!

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 Kennedy Liam

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