The Consequence of Loving Colton

The Consequence of Loving Colton

by: Rachel Van Dyken


The Concequence of Loving Colton


What do you do when you’re in love with your brother’s best friend and have been for as long as you can remember? You avoid him at all cost because you know he doesn’t feel the same way. He’ll only ever see you as his best friend’s litter sister.

Milo managed to avoid Colton as much as possible since starting college. It had been eighteen months since she had seen him last, but seeing him now is unavoidable since her brother is getting married.  When Milo finds herself alone with Colton and their argument turns to passion, she believes she can finally see a future for them.  Until Colton apologizes and takes it back.  A quick S.O.S to her best friend should help the mess she is in. Right? Will Max help or hurt her chances at getting the only man she’s ever loved, even if he’s never returned the feeling?

“I imagined him kind of like the plague, only the good kind, the kind that I had to keep away from my girl parts at all costs”~Milo

Colton has been in love with Milo since she hit puberty, but she’s off-limits. She’s his best friend’s little sister and completely forbidden, but he cannot help when his thoughts wander into uncharted territory and when he kisses her and takes it back he feels bad instantly, but wanting more all at the same time. That’s when he finds out she has a boyfriend, time to move on and try to forget Milo. Impossible task.

 “Little sister. Little sister. It was a no-poaching zone. And once you went in for the hunt, you either didn’t make it out alive or you wished you had gotten mauled.”~Colton 

Alyssa’s Review

Overall the storyline is great and funny. I felt like there were too many secondary Characters and a tad too much going on outside of the main storyline. I would’ve preferred more focus on Colton and Milo. I also would’ve been fine with the grandma just being funny instead of chasing Reid around. It was funny at first, but got old after a while. The writing style is good though and Rachel has a great sense of humor, so I do look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Stacy’s Review

I fell in love with all the humor in this book.  It was sarcasm at it’s best.  Milo and Colton are definitely a sweet couple and are drawn to one another from early childhood. Plus Milo is a Star Wars chick and you can’t go wrong with that!  Unlike Alyssa, I really enjoyed the secondary characters, but they did tend to take over at times and take the focus off of Milo and Colton.  That being said I want Max as my best friend!  He is so amazing and funny and crazy and just amazing.  Between Max being crazy and his brother Reid tripping on god knows what I laughed so hard.  I would have liked the story to stick with the main characters a little more, but overall I really enjoyed this book. Will definitely read it again.

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