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Spoilers if you haven’t read Bright Side


 After the unthinkable happens and Kate his best friend gets sick, Gus with the support of his record label and band took time away from the tour the band was on to help look after her at his childhood home with his mother Audrey.   The day Kate (Bright Side) died was the worst day of Gus’ life.  A piece of him died that same day.  After a short recovery time Rook, Gus’ band was back on the road. But how does one go on when half of their soul has died. The answer is.. They don’t.

Trying to find any relief at all from the pain, Gus tries just about everything. Drowning his sorrows daily with whatever alcohol he can get his hands on.  When at home things are better but also worse.  Forced to walk in to the last place he saw bright side alive is pure torture.

“I’ve spent the past three weeks avoiding everything. Sleeping as much as possible. I eat dinner with Ma every night, but that’s the extent of my contact with the real world. It’s the only part of my day I look forward to-time with Ma, even if we don’t talk much. It’s comforting for both of us.”~Gus

After a long break Gus returns to the road with his bandmates plus one.  A new member has been added to the team, a member Gus knows is going to give him hell. Scout, in an attempt to escape her past agrees to “babysit” Rook, or better yet Gus, while they’re on their world tour. With a hardened heart and a cold attitude she and Gus don’t exactly make an ideal pair. The two have a knack for irritating each other on and off the tour bus.  Scout is determined to keep her distance from the man that is beginning to show her a different side of himself.  Bound and determined to not let this new side of the rockstar affect her feelings, Scout stays distant and cold.  If she doesn’t interact with Gus then she can’t be affected by him, right?

“I hate to give Gustov credit for anything, but if there’s one thing endearing about him it’s how much he loves his mom.”~Scout

After watching Gus go from arrogant and cocky to sweet and caring she worries that her heart just might begin softening towards the rock star. One thing is for sure if the two get together, sparks will fly! The pair of them will create magic together of Epic proportions.

Stacy’s Review

Kim Holden is simply…..EPIC!!! She has gutted me and broken my heart in Bright Side and restored my love and heart in Gus! The hurt that both Gus and Scout have gone through is so sad and heartbreaking. I fell in love with Gus and his huge loving heart, with his sense of humor and his ability to be so friendly with everyone. Scout is the poster child for being broken. But watching her become whole was so breathtakingly beautiful. Seeing her grow within the pages of Gus made me not only wish I knew her but it made me root for her on every page. The characters in this book are so amazing you want them to be real.  The story is just so compelling you can’t help but read until you are up at 3am with your eyes blurry from staring at letters all day. Kim your writing is pure, and amazing. You never cease to amaze me with just how honest and sincere your characters are. Funny, loving, inspiring, and completely EPIC!!!! Thank you for this story!! I can’t wait for what’s next!

Alyssa’s Review

After reading Bright Side I was nervous about Gus. Bright side ripped me to shreds. I cried for days after that book. When Gus finally released I knew it was going to take me some time to get through. The beginning is crazy. I didn’t cry as much as I thought I would throughout, but there were some times I had tears running down my face. When Scout was introduced in the book, I was unsure about how I’d feel about her, but I absolutely loved her. Scout and Gus are perfect for each other in every way. At the risk of sounding redundant, Gus is an EPIC story and I am so glad I read it! Kim, thank you for writing this beautiful story. I know you’ve said that there will be no more in this series, but I still cannot wait to find out what your next project is.

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