Predestined Hearts

Predestined Hearts

By: Kelly Elliott and Kristin Mayer




Ashlin Thomas is stuck. She is in a loveless relationship with a man that no longer values her. Harris her long time boyfriend views her more of a business transaction than a lover or a possible future wife. She is desperate to feel that spark in her life that she reads about. After a tragic loss Ashlin moves to Savannah to her Aunt Leelyns’ home to decide what’s next for her. When a journal from her families past surfaces, Ashlin is taken on a journey to the past, to the life of her great great great grandmother.

Sophia Marie Montgomery is young and wants desperately to feel the desire and touch of a man. But not just any man. Daniel Stowe, the man that makes her heart flutter and her knees weak. He has promised to make Sophia his, and he is not the type of man to back down. Although Sophia’s mother wishes for her daughter to marry the well-respected and wealthy Devlin Covington, that is not the path that Sophia wants for herself. Sophia wants love, passion, and desire, all of the things she feels with Daniel.

Ashlin quickly forms an intense bond with Sophia from reading her journal. She is getting to know her family and she is seeing that she and her great great great grandmother are very much alike. They both want the same things, and neither will settle for less than what they deserve.

While Ashlin is on her path of self-discovery she meets Gael. There is an instant connection between the two of them. She feels the desire, mystery, attraction, all of which were missing with Harris.

Together Ashlin and Gael go on Sophia and Daniel’s Journey and in the process learn more than they bargained for.

Stacy’s Review

This was not my first historical romance but it is by far the best I have ever read. The story crosses over from Ashlin to Sophia and back again and I found myself drawn in to both of their worlds. It was not only a journey for the characters but for the readers as well. Kelly and Kristen are pure geniuses and I truly hope they team up again for more historical romance in the future. Daniel and Gael the two male leads in the book are most definitely swoon worthy!!! Sophia and Ashlin are everything a leading lady should be. Strong willed, loving, compassionate!! This is a tale that will be told through the ages because it will definitely be a timeless classic.

Alyssa’s Review

Predestined Hearts was my first historical romance. They’ve never interested me before, but I absolutely LOVE Kelly Elliott, so I decided to give it a go. The story line actually is following a couple, Ashlin and Gael, in present time, but it is intertwined with Sophia and Daniel’s story from the late 1800s. The journey we’re taken on through both lives is not only beautiful, but at times heartbreaking. The passion I felt from all four characters throughout is something that will be stuck with me for the rest of my life.

Garcia Sisters’ Casting

AshlinGSBB GaelGSBB2 SophiaGSBBDanielGSBB

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