Enslaved: The Life of Anna Part 1

Enslaved: The Life of Anna Part 1

By: Marissa Honeycutt


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Anna is not your average, ordinary young girl. From the time Anna was conceived she was special. Determined to give her as normal a life as possible her loving parents raised her to be an average little girl. But evil plans were put into play before Anna was born that would make her life anything but normal. At the age of twelve the two loving parents Anna adored were taken from her in a horrific car crash. Distraught, Anna starts her life in the care of her guardian Jack and Devin. Jack hugs, kisses, and loves on Anna daily. Showing her more and more affection as the days go by. Not understanding that having Jack or others touch her is wrong Anna begins to need this affection.

On Anna’s sixteenth birthday she is taken from the life she knows and loves and thrust into an unknown world of sex, slavery, and, pain. She is trained by her once loving guardian Jack to become the ultimate sexual predator for Devin Anderson. Devin a very powerful Elder in a secret Brotherhood, had plans to use Anna to gain more power over the Brotherhood.

After four long years of training and punishment Anna is brought to Devin at his “Manor” to live and serve him as well as the other Elders. But after four years of abuse and beatings Anna is afraid of men. She hasn’t felt a loving touch since the day she turned sixteen.

When Devin comes to Anna and lavishes her with affection and gifts it doesn’t take long for Anna to fall in love with him.

She quickly becomes attached to Devin and is willing to do anything and everything he asks. Including pleasure anyone he requests her to. Anna is pleased to serve her Master and gain his approval. Devin’s plans are going better than he ever dreamed of. Until a man comes into the picture, that could undo it all. A man destined to save Anna from Devin’s grasp. A man Anna has seen only in her dreams.

Stacy’s Review

This book captured me from the first page. I was drawn to Anna as if I were right there with her going through the love, pain, and torture. Marissa Honeycutt not only spins a twisted tale of horrific pain she somehow makes you feel it too. Never have I read a story that had the same effect on me as Anna’s. The pain and the torture that Anna endures is very graphic but I could not turn away. I had to go through it with her. Even though Anna is not real, her story leaped out and forced me to hear it. It’s a story that you have to know. It is a journey. A journey, that you must go on. One thing is for certain Marissa Honeycutt has redefined Darkness for this girl.

Alyssa’s Review

Enslaved pulled me in from the beginning. I had no clue where it was going to go and honestly, the warning Marissa Honeycutt gives us before we even start the book is what made me want to read it [see warning below]. There were parts that made me sick to my stomach, but at the same time there were pieces that I liked that I probably shouldn’t have. The characters; hero, heroine, and villain, pull at your heartstrings from the beginning, you want to love and hate them all-sometimes all at once. Marissa is a complete genius in my mind. This is a story that needs to be moved to the very top of your to-read list NOW!



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  1. Heather Witek

    I love your review Stacy, I had all those feelings while reading Enslaved! Marissa Honeycutt is very talented and twisted I hope to never make her mad!

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